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New Series: What's Good About Denominations?

As you may know, I've just started a new series on What's Good About Denominations? With so much negativity about denominations (including my own), it seemed good to take some time to think about the positives. You can find my thoughts at the top of my blog:


or at the series link:


How You Can Participate in the Conversation

Of course you can just sit back and read what I'll put up over the next couple of weeks. But I'd invite you to contribute your own wisdom on this matter, if you'd like to. In your opinion, what is good about denominations?

E-mail me your answers, and I will make sure your opinions are included in this series. I can't promise to use every e-mail, of course. If I get twenty e-mails with more or less the same idea, I'll use one or two of the twenty. The best way to communicate, by the way, is in two or three succinct paragraphs, adding up to no more than 200 words. If you have multiple ideas about why denominations are good, send one per e-mail. I will assume, by the way, that I can use your name if you e-mail me. If you'd like me to use only your initials, please tell me. And if you have a website, feel free to include the URL so I can send people to your site.

I received about six or seven e-mails today responding to my query. Thanks to those to offered their suggestion. They were all quite good. Some ideas I'd have thought of myself; others were new to me.

A Word on Pirates of the Caribbean 2

I saw the new Pirates movie. It was, not surprisingly, given its origin, a wild ride. Actually, this movie is much more exciting than the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland.

This is not a deep film. It's meant to be fun, with lots of irony and silliness. It's got great effects and a great actor in Johnny Depp. The story seemed a little odd, far-fetched ever for a fantasy movie. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the film. (Honestly, however, I did get a bit bored around two hours, with a half hour to go.)

There are many very scary scenes in this film. It is not appropriate for children under 10. That's too bad, since the movie has lots of appeal to younger children.