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Summer Sights 2006

Now and then throughout the past couple of weeks I've been posting pictures from my summer adventures. If you'd like to see some fun pictures, check out:

The PCUSA Book Crisis

You may have heard of the latest crisis in my denomination, having to do with the publishing of a highly controversial book on 9/11 by the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal will only increase the publicity, I'm sad to say. To find my observations on this scandal, see:

9/11 and Faith

In light of the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I'm beginning a series I'm calling: 9/11 and Faith: Some Reflections. Today's post is actually a prayer. You can find this post at the top of my blog:

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Sunrise near Bishop, California

Let me close this update by sharing with you a picture I took just outside of Bishop, California (easter Sierra). The White Mountains are in the background.