From Pastor Mark Roberts                                 September 24, 2006

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Dear Members of the IPC Family,

One of my greatest challenges as a pastor is communicating with you folks. It wasn't easy when we were a 500-member church, and it's even harder now that we're quite a bit larger.

Of course I have your attention for about twenty minutes each weekend if you're in church, but that amount of time is hardly enough for me to get out all of what I want to share with you. I get a fairly regular piece in the Salt Shaker, which is great, but limited in impact because the Salt Shaker isn't published very often. I also have a couple of websites that many at IPC visit frequently ( and The Daily Psalm). But I'd still like to find a more personal and active way to communicate with more of the IPC family on a regular basis.

For this reason I'm launching The Pastor's Letter. (Thanks to Dale Huntington for the idea!) This will be an e-mail piece that I will send to IPC folks who sign up to receive it. I expect I'll send a letter a couple of times a month, on average. The topics will range from a devotional thought to a practical idea to a personal story to, well, who knows? Also, I will gladly receive questions from you on all sorts of subjects and will address them, as I have time, in The Pastor's Letter. If you want to ask a question, please e-mail me.

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If you have suggestions for The Pastor's Letter, please let me know. I expect I'll learn as we go along to make this a more effective tool for communicating with you.



If you're not a member of the IPC family, you're welcome to receive The Pastor's Letter. Just be aware that this letter is primarily for folks in my own church. The Pastor's Letter is not the same thing as my newsletter associated with my website. If you want to receive this newsletter, you'll need to sign up separately at this link .