Nathan, Kara, and Sandy (at almost 6 months old)







Below: Getting Sandy from the breeder.

Mandy a week or so before she died. For the story of what happened with Mandy, see this post on Mark's website.









Below: We all loved her!

Nathan with Sandy










Below: In August Mark and Nathan went on a 20-mile day hike in the Sierra outside of Bishop. Here they are at the half way point.

Nathan and his sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Calkins. He had Mrs. C in fifth grade as well. She's a fantastic teacher.
Nathan singing with the Chapel Choir at church.
Nathan playing with his beloved dog Sandy.

Nathan editing on his computer

Nathan with his friends Josh (left) and Brooks (center) getting reading to leave for two weeks at camp.
Kara, who loves to climb rocks, at Bryce Canyon in Utah

Kara with her teacher, Mrs. Knox (who was also Nathan's teacher twice before).








Below: Nathan with Mrs. Knox two years ago.

Kara and her friends having a dress up party. From left: Kara, Lizzy Avazian, Emily Avazian, Nicole Tigner, Lauren Avazian.





Below: Friends at Kara's birthday party. From left: Nicole Tigner, Kara, Hannah Robinson, Amy De Caro (cousin).

Kara is playing Sherlock Holmes in the 4th grade musical, Geology Rocks. She is pictured with her friend Trissy.






Below: Kara and her friend Hannah after the play, still in costume.

Kara at Indian Village (Forest Home) with her TP mates: (from left) Sarah, Kara, Lizzy, Kelsea, Olivia, Emily, and counselor Sasha.
Linda and Sandy

Linda and Mark, with Florence, Italy in the background. Our cruise started in Barcelona and ended up just outside of Rome. We went with some friends from church, who made this trip possible for us. For Mark reflection's on this trip, see his blog series.




Below: Our ship in the background, docked at Mahon, Menorca

The new Administration and Youth Center: two stories of offices and a large basement for the high school group.

Our family at Bryce Canyon National Park

For Mark's reflections on this vacation, see his series.

Nathan and Kara swimming in the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park. The water was about 80 degrees because of its proximity to thermal activity.

The Grand Tetons at sunset. Taken while we were on a rafting trip.






Below: Mt. Moran

The Desert Pearl Inn at the entrance to Zion National Park. A great place to stay!






Below: A panorama of Zion Canyon.

Our RV in front of the Grand Tetons







Below: Kara and her friend Ali enjoying some music in the cab-over section of the RV.

Familes on vacation at the Grand Tetons. From left: Campbells, Roberts, Bolsingers, Toms

Our hike up the Narrows in Zion National Park. For more details on this great hike, click here.











Below: Our family in the Narrows