2006 Roberts Family Year in Review

  Kara and her friends after the jogathon at school.
  One of Linda's eye-catching roses blooms in the spring.
  One of the original paintings Linda did for the Stations of the Cross at our church, a Holy Week discipline to prepare for Good Friday and Easter.
  A Good Friday worship service at our church, in which people nail their "sins" to crosses in the front of the sanctuary.
  Nathan in a musical at his school (OSCHA: Orange County High School of the Arts).
  El Moro Canyon in the spring, when the mustard flowers are blooming. Only about 20 minutes from our home.
  Kara and Dad visited Washington D.C. and Virginia during spring break, so she could work on her Virginia state report for school.
  Kara enjoys one of the live action dramas at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.
  Kara running hard in the 400 meter race at the Irvine Junior Games.
  During his sabbatical, Mark spoke at a church in Grover Beach, California (central coast), taking the train up and back.
  Kara, Nathan, and their friends in the musical at church.
  Kara, dressed as a man, sings in her drama class at the South Coast Repertory Theatre.
  In June Nathan and Mark did some hiking on Mt. San Jacinto in Southern California.
  Nathan and Kara, along with their cousins, Amy and Dustin (left) and friends Matt and Molly (right) in the freezing cold Stanislaus River in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, where we camped for a week in late June.
  Mark and Linda spent a day in Yosemite. Here is Half Dome in the early evening.
  Kara and her cabin at Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp.
  Nathan and some of his pals at camp.
  In July Mark spent a week in Palm Desert, California, finishing the manuscript for his book. The temperature in the day got up to 121 degrees in the shade.
  Hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park. The Virgin River was rather high this day.
  Another view of hiking the Narrows.
  White water rafting on the Salmon River in Idaho.
  We get a little wet. Kara almost goes for a swim.
  Here's our trailer, which went with us to Montana and back this summer. This scene is just south of Sun Valley, Idaho.
  Mark tubing with Nathan and Kara on Swan Lake, Montana. He got so much water in his ears that he had to go to the doctor.
  Kara wakeboarding on Swan Lake.
  Nathan wakeboarding, showing his one-handed prowess.
  Linda and Mark (not seen, taking the picture) kayaking on the Swan River.
  One of the many astounding sunsets at Swan Lake.
  Kara and Dad go hiking in the High Sierra outside of Bishop, California.
  Mt. Humphreys at sunrise, outside of Bishop.
  Kara getting ready to go to Cotillion.
  Kara and her friends celebrate Linda's 50th birthday. We had the party in the back yard of some generous friends who have a fantastic pool.
  Linda and Kara with Brody Roberts Sanders, the newest addition to the larger Roberts klan. He was adopted by Julie (Mark's sister) and Jay. Declan, their first son, loves being a big brother.
  Nathan takes a special make-up course at school. What a handsome zombie! Makes a parent proud!
  Kara has some friends over for her 12th birthday.
  Nathan breaks his first board in his Tae Kwon Do belt test.
  Thanksgiving at Mark's mom's house.
  The four of us on Thanksgiving.
  Putting up the garlands in our family room and decorating the little trees for Nathan's and Kara's rooms are some of the first signs that Christmas is coming.
  The Festival of Carols at Irvine Presbyterian Church.
  Kara's aunts Julie and Nancy (Mark's sisters) take Kara to get her ears pierced for her 12th birthday.
  Nathan, with some help from Uncle Jay, blows out the candles on his 14th birthday ice cream and cookie.
  Christmas Eve at our house, along with Linda's sister Debbie and family, and Linda's brother Bob and family. Bob and company flew in from Florida.
  Our house at Christmas, complete with half-life-sized nativity scene on the garage roof.
  Sunset out in front of our house. It isn't always like this!