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Blog Summary of October 8-13, 2006
For older posts, see my Blogging Years in Review.

Here's a chance for you to catch up on what you missed this week, or to review. Plus I've added a few links worth checking out.

What is a Church?  
When a Church is Not a Church, Part D Oct 13, 2006
When a Church is Not a Church, Part C Oct 12, 2006
When a Church is Not a Church, Part B Oct 11, 2006
When a Church is Not a Church, Part A Oct 10, 2006
Monday Inspiration  
What's the Hardest Thing About God? Oct 9, 2006
Sunday Inspiration  
Inspiration from Psalm 98 Oct 8, 2006
Posts by Other Bloggers, News Items, etc.
GodBlogCon 2006

The GodBlogCon 2006 is meeting at Biola University on October 26-28. They've assembled a great group of presenters this year, so it promises to be fine conference. If you're a Christian blogger, be sure to register for GodBlogCon.
Looking Good in Green

Tod Bolsinger of It Takes a Church reviews the Bill Moyers PBS special on evangelicals and the environment.
Mere Comments

The editors of Touchstone, a fine and unusually eclectic magazine of Christian orthodoxy, have a blog that's well worth a regular visit.
Autumn Sunset, Part 2
Here is one more sunset from a Southern California Fall. If you look carefully at the horizon, you'll see Catalina Island, "26 miles across the sea."

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Tod Bolsinger's Book Reviews

Tod Bolsinger has put book reviews of Lauren Winner's Mudhouse Sabbath, N.T. Wright's Simply Christian, and Brian McClaren's The Secret Message of Jesus. Well worth reading, because Tod's judgment is solid.
Mark Daniels on TR

Mark Daniels offers a fascinating piece on TR (Teddy Roosevelt), after touring his home. Daniels argues that TR would be a blogger. What do you think?
Ben Witherington Wins the Blogging Diversity Award

Well, okay, there isn't a blogging diversity award. But if there were, Ben Witherinton would win it this week. First, he puts up a funny (in parts) and telling (in parts) Ten Commandments for the Internet Age. Next he comes out with an insightful review of the hit movie, Cars. Then he finishes the week with a long, intellectually-demanding post, an excerpt from his soon-to-be-released commentary on Hebrews, James, and Jude. No other blogger has Ben's range. If you don't know Ben Witherington, he's one of the top New Testament scholars in the world, and a mighty fine blogger as well.