A Resource by Mark D. Roberts

Blogging Pastors

NOTE: I'm not keeping this up anymore. There are too many blogging pastors out there!

I am assembling this list for the following reasons:

1. To encourage pastors to blog.
2. To encourage people to read pastoral blogs.
3. To help pastors get in touch with other blogging pastors.
4. To help blogging pastors get out the word about their websites.

The list is in alphabetical order by last name. (Sorry, my technological skill doesn't yet allow me to make a sortable database. Maybe in the next life.)


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The Roster of Blogging Pastors (updated September 3, 2005)

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Arveson, Chris

Website name: The Plodding Pilgrim
URL: http://ploddingpilgrim.blogspot.com/
E-mail: chris@macgillicuddy.org
Church name: Pennsboro United Methodist Church
Address: 118 Ray Avenue, Pennsboro, WV 26415
Church website: http://www.gbgm-umc.org/pennsboro
Affiliation: United Methodist

Ayers, Phil

Webiste name: IAmTheLostDog
URL: http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=iamthelostdog
Church: LifePoint Christian Church
Church address: 150 Estates Cir, Lake mary, Fl 32746
Church website: www.lifepointchurch.com
Affiliation: Independent


Bailey, Tim

Website name: And Another Thing...
URL: http://tsbailey.blogspot.com
E-mail: tsbailey@rogers.com
Church name: Wortley Church
Church address: 150 Commissioners Rd W., London, Ontario Canada
Church websidte: http://www.wortley.on.ca
Church affiliation: Baptist

Batterson, Mark

Website name: Evotional.com
URL: http://blog.theaterchurch.com/
E-mail: Batterson@aol.com
Church name: National Community Church
Church address: 205 F street NE Washington, DC 20002
Church URL: http://www.theaterchurch.com
Affiliation: Assemblies of God, Willow Creek

Beringer, Peter

  Website name: A Youth Pastor
  URL: http://www.ayouthpastor.com/
  E-mail: pedter@ayouthpastor.com
  Church name: Pulpit Rock Church
  Address: Colorado Springs, CO
  Church website: http://www.pulpitrock.com/

Bill, Brian

  Website name: Blogging with Pastor Brian
  URL: http://www.pontiacbible.org/brian/
  E-mail: brian@pontiacbible.org
  Church name: Pontiac Bible Church
  Address: 1611 W. Reynolds; Pontiac, IL  61764
  Church website: http://www.pontiacbible.org/
  Affiliation: Independent

Birch, Jacob

Website name: Birch Barq
URL: www.birchbarq.blogspot.com
E-mail: jbirch@netrover.com
Church name: Erin Village Alliance Church
Church address: 22 Thompson Cres. Erin, ON, N0B 1T0 Canada
Church website: www.erinvillagealliancechurch.org
Affiliation: Christian and Missionary Alliance

Bogert, Peter

  Website name: Stronger Church
  URL: http://www.bogert.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: pcbogert@gmail.com 
  Church name: Faith Community Church
  Address: 1200 Easton Road, Roslyn, PA
  Church website: http://www.faithcom.org/
  Affiliation: Independent

Bolsinger, Tod

  Website name: It Takes a Church
  URL: http://bolsinger.blogs.com/
  E-mail: tod@scpres.org
  Church name: San Clemente Presbyterian Church
  Address: San Clemente, California
  Affiliation: Presbyterian Church USA

Brown, Bud

  Website name: budman dot com
  URL: http://brownfamilyzoo.com/budman/
  E-mail: h4pyu1f02@sneakemail.com
  Church name: Kingman Missionary Alliance Church
  Church website: http://www.thedomechurch.com/
  Affiliation: C&MA

Brown, John T.

  Website name: Scotwise
  URL: http://scotwise.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: johntbrown1@bigpond.com
  Church name: North Gold Coast Christian Church
  Address: PO Box 251 - Helensvale, Gold Coast, Queensland 4212. Australia
  Church website: http://netministries.org/see/churches/ch00592
  Affiliation: Assemblies of God

Brown, William E.

  Website name: The Personal Blog of Dr. Brown
  URL: http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=billbrown
  Church name: Cedarville University
  Address: Cedarville, Ohio
  Church website: http://www.cedarville.edu/ (University website)

Bryce, Brady

Website name: Lost & Found
URSL: http://bradybryce.blogspot.com/
E-mail: bbryce@singingoaks.org
Church name: Singing Oaks Church
Church address: 101 Cardinal Drive, Denton, TX
Church website: www.singingoaks.org
Affiliation: Churches of Christ

Burrell, Dan

  Website name: DanBurrell.com
  URL: http://www.danburrell.com/
  E-mail: dburrell@northsidebapt.org
  Church name: Northside Baptist Church
  Address: 333 Jeremiah Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28262
  Church website: www.northsidebaptistchurch.net      
  Affiliation: Independent Baptist (but not the mean kind, the thinking kind.)

Buzbee, Glenn

  Website name: Politickal
  URL: http://www.politickal.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: gbuzbee@bellsouth.net
  Church name: Smyrna Presbyterian Church
  Address: 2920 Highway 212 SW, Conyers, GA
  Church website: http://www.smyrnapc.com/
  Affiliation: Presbyterian Church USA


Calloway, Jeff

  Website name: The Southern Scribe
  URL: http://jeffcalloway.blogs.com/jeff_calloway/
  E-mail: jeff@lakeridgechurch.com
  Church name: Lake Ridge Church
  Address: 7591 Tyler Blvd, Unit 4, Mentor, OH  44060
  Church website: www.lakeridgechurch.com
  Affiliation: Southern Baptist

Castleman, Richard

  Website name: Rongo's Way too Much Coffee
  URL: http://rongo.blogspot.com/
  Church name: Austin Street Church of Christ
  Address: Levelland, TX
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: Church of Christ

Cook, Jeff

Website name: Healing Malchus
URL: http://healingmalchus.blogspot.com/
E-mail: whatisatlas@gmail.com
Church name:Atlas
Church address: 1831 13th st; greeley co 80631 (office)
Church website: whatisatlas.com
Affiliaiton: Inter-denominational

Cotterill, Gordon

  Website name: Urban Army
  URL: http://www.urbanarmy.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: gordon.cotterill@ntlworld.com
  Church name: Poplar Salvation Army
  Address: Kerbey St Poplar London
  Church website: http://www.salvationarmy.me.uk/
  Affiliation: Salvation Army

Craigan, Neil

  Website name: My weblog
  URL: www.craigan.typepad.com
  E-mail: craigan@usfamily.net
  Church name: Centreville Presbyterian
  Address: 5690 Sully Road, Centreville, VA 20120
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: Presbyterian Church USA

Cundiff, Scott

Website name: Pastor Scott's Blog
URL: http://pastorscott.blogspot.com/
Church name: Church of the Nazarene
Church address: Alvin, Texas
Church website: http://www.alvinnazarene.org
Affiliation: Church of the Nazarene


Dahlstrom, Richard

Website name: Pastoral Musings from Rain City
URL:  www.raincitypastor.blogspot.com
Church name:  Bethany Community Church
Church address:  8023 Greenlake Dr. N, Seattle, WA  98013
Church Website:  www.churchbcc.org
Church affiliation:  independent

Dalaba, Curt

Website name: Commonplace
URL: http://Curtdalaba.blogspot.com/
E-mail: cdalaba@cs.com
Church Name: First Assembly of God of Greater Lansing
Church Address: East Lansing, Michigan
Church's website: www.glfirst.org
Affiliation: Assemblies of God

Daniels, Mark

  Website name: Better Living: Thoughts from Mark Daniels
  URL: www.markdaniels.blogspot.com
  E-mail: MarkLuth@aol.com
  Church name: Friendship Church
  Address: 1300 White Oak Road, Amelia, Ohio 45102
  Affiliation: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Dash, Darryl

  Website name: DashHouse
  URL: http://www.dashhouse.com/
  E-mail: darryl@DashHouse.com
  Church name: Richview Baptist Church
  Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  Affiliation: Fellowship Baptist

Davis, Bob

  Website name: Presbyblog
  URL: http://www.presbyblog.com
  E-mail: presbybob@cox.net
  Church name: Westminster Presbyterian Church
  Address: 1500 South Juniper, Escondido, CA 92025
  Church website: www.wpcescondido.org
  Affiliation: Presbyterian Church (USA)

DeFreitas, Edmundo (ed)

  Website name: Our Hangout
  URL: http://www.ourhangout.net/movabletype/index.html
  Church name: Richview Baptist Church
  Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canad
  Affiliation: Fellowship Baptist

de Leeuw, Gawain F.

  Website name: stbarts10606
  URL: http://stbarts10606.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: gawaind-at-gmail.com
  Church name: St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church
  Address: White Plains, NY 10606
  Church website: http://stbartswp.dioceseny.org/
  Affiliation: Episcopal Church USA

Depaul, Vincent

URL: http://christbanniere.blogspirit.com
E-mail: gnahorevincent@yahoo.fr
Church location: France
Affiliation: Foursquare gospel church

Drennan, Jack

  Website name: Jack In The Box
  URL: http://jackdrennan.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: jdrennan@presbyterianireland.org
  Church name: Crumlin Road Presbyterian Church
  Address: Crumlin Road BELFAST BT13 3GG
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: Presbyterian Church in Ireland

Drew, Christopher

  Website name: What Next? :: News and Commentary
  URL: http://christopherdrew.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: whatnext@gmail.com
  Church name: (in Austin Seminary at the moment)
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: PCUSA


Elrod, Randy

  Website name: Ethos
  URL: http://www.randyelrod.com/
  E-mail: relrod@thepeopleschurch.org
  Church name: The People’s Church
  Address: 828 Murfreesboro Rd., Franklin, TN
  Church website: http://www.thepeopleschurch.org/
  Affiliation: Southern Baptist

Ensworth, Tim

Website name : a believer's journal
URL of the weblog: http://www.firstcongucc.org/weblog/
E-mail: ensworth@firstcongucc.org
Church name: First Congregational United Church of Christ
Church's address: 608 West Fourth Street, Waterloo, Iowa 50702
Church's website: http://www.firstcongucc.org/
Your church affiliation: United Church of Christ

Escamilla, Israel

Website name: Psalms & Tea
URL: http://izesca.blogspot.com/
E-mail: israel@calvarysbdo.org
Church name: Calvary Baptist Church
Church address: 3701 N Sierra Way, San Bernardino, CA 92405
Church website: www.calvarysbdo.org
Affiliation: American Baptist


Faulkner, David

Website name: Dave Faulkner
URL: http://davefaulkner.typepad.com/
E-mail: dave@davefaulkner.co.uk
Church name: Rainham (Kent) Methodist Church
Churchaddress: Station Road, Rainham, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 7PR, UK
Affiliation: Methodist

Fiscus, Bryan

  Website name: Fiscus . . . What?
  URL: http://fiscuswhat.typepad.com/
  E-mail: bfiscus@hotmail.com
  Church name: Bay Area Fellowship
  Address: Corpus Christi, Texas
  Church website: http://www.bayareafellowship.com/bafwebv4/


Gillmartin, J.A.

  Website name: The Sheep's Crib
  URL: http://www.sheepcrib.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: kettlefrog@msn.com
  Church name: First Baptist Church
  Address: 2415 Sixth Street, La Verne, CA 91750
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: Southern Baptist

Glover, Peter C.

Website name: Wires from the Bunker
URL: http://www.wiresfromthebunker.com/
Church: Dedham Parish Church, England
Website: http://www.dedham-parishchurch.org.uk/


Hackett, David

  Website name: Frontier Blog
  URL: http://www.pff.net/weblog/blogger.htm
  E-mail: hackett@pff.net
  Church name: Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship
  Address: 28 202nd St SE, Bothell, WA 98012
  Church website: http://www.pff.net/
  Affiliation: PCUSA

Hall, Richard

Website name: Connexions
URL: http://theconnexion.net/wp/
Church: Sketty Methodist Church
Church address: Dillwyn Road, Sketty, Swansea UK
Church website: http://www.skettymethodist.org.uk
Affiliation: Methodist (Not UMC - I'm British!)

Harvey, Byron

  Website name: a ticking time blog
  URL: http://www.byron-harvey.com/
  E-mail: bharvey@truth4life.com
  Church name: Fellowship Community Church
  Address: Mercer, PA
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: Evangelical Free

Hawks, Chris

Website name: Pastor Chris
URL: http://chris.miamichurch.org
Church: Miami Baptist Church
Church address: 6701 Miami Church Road, Concord, NC 28025
Church website: http://www.miamichurch.org
Affiliation: Southern Baptist

Hayes, Bill

Website name : Rev Bill
URL: http://revbill.blogs.com/revbill/
E-mail: revbillhayes@yahoo.com
Name of Church: Wentworth Presbyterian
Address of Church: PO Box 94, Wentworth, NC 27375
Denominational Affiliation: Presbyterian Church (USA)

Heikkinen, Noel

Website name: heik-kin-en
URL: http://www.noelheikkinen.com/noel/
E-mail: noel@eriv.net
Church name: Riverview Church
Address: Holt, Michigan
Church website: http://www.eriv.net/
Affiliation: Great Commission Association

Heyduck, Richard

  Website name: Bandits No More
  URL: http://banditsnomore.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: rheyduck@ev1.net
  Church name: First United Methodist Church
  Address: 109 College St. Pittsburg, TX 75686
  Church website: http://www.fumcpittsburg.com/
  Affiliation: United Methodist

Hightower, Brad

  Website name: 21st Century Reformation
  URL: http://www.21stcenturyreformation.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: bradhightower@yahoo.com
  Church name: Trinity Christian Reformed Church
  Address: Artesia, California
  Church website: http://www.trinityartesia.org/homepage_files/home.html
  Affiliation: Christian Reformed Church

Huneycutt, Joseph

  Website name: ORTHODIXIE ... Southern, Orthodox, Convert, Etc.
  URL: http://www.southern-orthodoxy.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: orthodixie@aol.com
  Church name: St Raphael Orthodox Mission
  Address: Hendersonville, North Carolina
  Church website: www.straphaelnc.com
  Affiliation: Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese



Jennings, Gene

  Website name: Timely Words
  URL: http://www.genejennings.com/
  E-mail: genepjennings@aol.com
  Church name: Stevens Creek Community Church
  Address: 600 Stevens Creek Rd. Augusta, GA 30907
  Church website: http://www.stevenscreek.net/
  Affiliation: Southern Baptist; Church of God (Cleveland, TN); Willowcreek Assn.

John, Apostle

Website name: Presbyterian Minister's Journal
URL: http://apostlejohn.blogspot.com/
E-mail: billp95941@aol.com (preferred for the blog)
Affiliation: Presbyterian Church, USA

Johnson, Bruce

  Website name: Leadership Lessons for Life-Changing Church Leaders
  URL: http://www.brucedjohnson.com/
  E-mail: bruce@senecacreek.org
  Church name: Seneca Creek Community Church
  Address: 13031 Wisteria Drive, Germantown, MD 20874
  Church website: http://www.senecacreek.org/
  Affiliation: EFCA

Johnson, Matthew Hatcher

Website name: Pastor at Large
URL: http://www.revmhj.com
E-mail: revmhj@gmail.com
Church: First United Methodist Church, Russellville
Church address: 301 S. Denver Ave., Russellville, AK
Church website: http://www.fumcrsvl.org
Affiliation: United Methodist

Jones, Brian

  Website name: brianjones.org
  URL: http://brianjones.org/weblog.php
  E-mail: http://brianjones.org/email.php
  Church name: Wellspring Chapel
  Address: 2215 Bethany Road, DeKalb IL 60115
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: Non-denominational


Kahnke, Pat

  Website name: Frogtown Pastor
  URL: http://www.frogtownpastor.com/
  E-mail: pat@stpaulfellowship.org
  Church name: St. Paul Fellowship Church
  Address: 868 Sherburne Ave.  St. Paul, MN  55104
  Church website: http://www.stpaulfellowship.org/
  Affiliation: Baptist General Conference

Knight, Chris

  Website name: Chris Knight...In Other Words
  URL: http://revchrisknight.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: revchris@smclife.com
  Church name: Sturgis Missionary Church
  Address: P.O. Box 7156, Sturgis, MI 49091
  Church website: http://www.smclife.com/
  Affiliation: Missionary Church

Knight, Elwin

Website name: At Heart
URL: http://atheart.blogspot.com/
E-mail: etknight@christian.net
Church name: Circle of Love Ministries
Church address: 13519 North Main St. Jacksonville, Fl. 32218
Church website: http://www.circlelove.org/
Affiliation: none

Koons, Glenn

Website name: Living Hope
URL: http://conservpastor.blogspot.com/
E-mail: phillyfanatic@juno.com
Church name:  
Address: Long Beach & Downey, California
Church website:  

Kuzma, Paul

Website name: Pastor Paul's Musings
URL: http://pastorpaul.blogspot.com
E-mail: pk@enewheart.org
Church name: NewHeart Foursquare Church, CA
Church website: http://www.enewheart.org
Affiliation: Foursquare


Larson, Wayne

  Website name: Carrifex
  URL: http://carrifex.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: walarson@juno.com
  Church name: Redeemer Presbyterian Church
  Address: Des Moines, IA 
  Church website: http://www.redeemer-dm.org/
  Affiliation: Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

Layne, Glenn

  Website name: Durable Data
  URL: www.durabledata.blogspot.com
  E-mail: glennlayne@pastors.com
  Church name: First Baptist Church of Temple City, CA
  Address: 6019 Baldwin Ave, Temple City, CA 91780
  Affiliation: American Baptist

Lee, Michael

Website name: Addison Road
URL: http://addisonrd.com
Church name: Christ Community Church
Church address: 6575 Crescent Ave, Buena Park, CA 90620
Church website: http://cccbp.org
Affiliation: Reformed Church of America

Lollar, Bill

  Website name: Grace Church Planting Ministries
  URL: http://gracechurchplanting.com/wordpress/
  E-mail: billlollar@gracechurchplanting.com
  Church name: Pontygwaith Christian Fellowship [winner for coolest name! -- MDR]
  Address: 12, The Grove, Glyncoch, Pontypridd, Mid-Glamorgan  CF37 3BQ, UK
  Church website: http://www.gracechurchplanting.com/Pontygwaith.htm
  Affiliation: Associating Evangelical Churches of Wales

Lord, Rick

  Website name: World of Your Making
  URL: http://holycomforter.typepad.com
  E-mail: rlord@holycomforter.com
  Church name: Church of the Holy Comforter
  Address: 543 Beulah Road, NE, Vienna, Va  22180-3599
  Affiliation: Episcopal

Loughridge, Mark

  Website name: 3:17
  URL: http://three17.blogspot.com/
  Church name: New Life Fellowship
  Address: Letterkenny, Co Donegal, Ireland
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland


Marler, Dan

  Website name: http://www.visitusonline.org/
  URL: http://www.visitusonline.org/eflash.shtm
  Church name: First Church of God
  Address: 4600 W. 111th Street, Oak Lawn, IL 60453
  Church website: http://www.visitusonline.org/
  Affiliation: Church of God (of Anderson, IN)

Marsh, Louie

URL: http://www.marshianchronicles.com
E-mail: Louie@marshianchronicles.com
Church name: Christ's Church on the River
Church address: 9098 Riverside Dr., Parker, AZ  85344
Church website: http://www.ccr-online.org
Affiliation: Independent Christian Church

MacCallum, Chad

  Website name: McCallum’s Musings
  URL: http://mccallumsmusings.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: chad@bwchurch.com
  Church name: Burnips Wesleyan Church
  Address: 3014 Newell Street, Burnips, Michigan 49314
  Church website: www.bwchurch.com
  Affiliation: Wesleyan

McKeever, Joe

  Website name: JoeMcKeever.com
  URL: http://www.joemckeever.com/mt/
  Church name: First Baptist Church of Kenner Louisiana
  Church website: http://www.fbckenner.org/
  Affiliation: Southern Baptist

McComas, Greg

  Website name: An Anglican Blog
  URL: http://www.anglicanblog.com
  E-mail: gc_mccomas@msn.com
  Church name: All Saints Church
  Address: 4797 Curtis Blvd., Port St. John, FL 32927
  Church website: http://all-saints.us
  Affiliation: Anglican Province of America

McCrory, Jeff

  Website name: Old Testament for the Church
  URL: http://www.jeffmccrory.typepad.com/
  E-mail: jmccrory@genevapres.org
  Church name: Geneva Presbyterian Church
  Address: Laguna Hills, California
  Affiliation: Presbyterian Church USA

McElroy, Bowden

  Website name: Notes
  URL: http://www.mcelroycounseling.com/notes/
  E-mail: bowden@mcelroycounseling.com
  Church name: Lakeside Baptist Church, Mannford, OK (interim pastor)
  Address: 2431 East 51st Street, Suite 500, Tulsa, OK 74105 (office)
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: Southern Baptist

McLaughlin, Wayne

Websites: www.centralpres.blogspot.com; www.sermonsbywayne.blogspot.com
E-mail: interim@yahoo.com
Church name: C entral Presbyterian
Church address: 4699 Lamme Road, Dayton, OH 45439
Church website: www.cpcdayton.org
Affiliaton: P CUSA

Megyesi, John

  Website name: Becoming Community
  URL: http://johnvmegyesi.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: jmegyesi@kenmorenaz.org
  Church name: Kenmore Church of the Nazarene
  Address: 2025 12th Street SW, Akron, OH  44314
  Church website: http://www.kenmorenaz.org/
  Affiliation: Church of the Nazarene

Mills, Greg

Website name: Just Greg
URL: http://greg.miamichurch.org
Church: Miami Baptist Church
Church address: 6701 Miami Church Road, Concord, NC 28025
Church website: http://www.miamichurch.org
Affiliation: Southern Baptist

Moore, Jeff

  Website name: rebelgarden
  URL: http://rebelgarden.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: moorejesus@yahoo.com
  Church name: Ridgewood Community Church
  Address: Wixom, Michigan
  Church website: http://www.ridgewoodchurch.org/
  Affiliation: Great Commission Association

Moran, Wayne

  Website name: Questions and Answers Blog
  URL: http://www.waynemoran.com/blog/
  E-mail: awmoran@yahoo.com
  Church name: South Suburban Evangelical Free Church
  Address: 12600 Johnny Cake Ridge Rd., Apple Valley, MN 55124
  Church website: http://www.ssefc.org/
  Affiliation: Evangelical Free

Murdock, Mike

  Website name: Reverend Mike's House of Homiletic Hash
  URL: http://blog.revmike.us/
  E-mail: mike-at-revmike-dot-us
  Church name: Pastor at Large, Presybery of Charlotte
  Address: Charlotte, North Carolina
  Affiliation: Presbyterian Church USA

Myers, Andrew

Website name : In The Concrete Wilderness
URL: http://concretewilderness.blogspot.com
E-mail: bigwhatever@hotmail.com
Church: Mount Hope Presbyterian Church
Address: 301 W. Jolly Road, Lansing, MI 48910
Website: http://my.voyager.net/~mthopepres/
Affiliation: Presbyterian Church (USA)


Nichols, Scott

  Website name: Random Responses
  URL: http://randomresponses.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: nicho64@optonline.net
  Church name: Faith Reformed Church
  Address: 95 Prospect Street, Midland Park, NJ 07432
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: Reformed Church in America


Ogle, Wayne

  Website name: Postcards from the journey . . .  
  URL: www.wayneogle.com
  Church name: Webb Baptist Church
  Address: 6600 New York Ave. Arlington Texas 76002
  Church website: www.webbchurch.org
  Affiliation: Southern Baptist Convention and Baptist General Convention of Texas

Oksten, Larry

  Website name: Forever in Bluejeans
  URL: http://pastorbluejeans.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: pastorlarry@comcast.net
  Church name: New Brooklyn UMC
  Address: 1336 E Malaga Road Williamstown NJ 08094
  Church website: http://www.newbrooklynumc.org/
  Affiliation: United Methodist

Olivetti, Jared

Website name: Measuring Days
URL: www.measureofmydays.blogspot.com
E-mail: jolivetti@reformedlafayette.com
Church: Reformed Presbyterian Church of Lafayette
Church website: www.reformedlafayette.com
Affiliation: RPCNA


Pederson, Steve

  Website name: Lake View
  URL: http://pastorzion.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: steve@zionucc.org
  Church name: Zion UCC
  Address: 1125 N 6th St Sheboygan WI 53081
  Church website: http://www.zionucc.org/
  Affiliation: UCC

Peoples, Chase

Website name: CONGOblog
URL: www.uccmanhasset.org/blog.htm
E-mail:  chase.peeples@uccmanhasset.org
Church name:   The Congregational Church of Manhasset
Church address: 1845 Northern Blvd. Manhasset, NY 11030
Church URL:    www.uccmanhasset.org
Denomination:   The United Church of Christ

Peterman, Rusty

  Website name: Beliver Blog
  URL: http://www.believerblog.com/
  E-mail: rustypeterman@comcast.net
  Church name: Airport Freeway Church of Christ
  Address: 210 Airport Freeway, Euless, TX, 76021
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: Church of Christ

Pierpont, Kevin

  Website name: KevinPierpont.com
  URL: http://kevinpierpont.com
  Church name: Higgins Lake Baptist Church
  Address: Higgins Lake, Michigan
  Church website: http://higginslakebaptistchurch.com
  Affiliation: Baptist (General Association of Regular Baptist Churches)

Pollock, Stewart

Website name: Central Park Bench
URL: http://centralparkbench.blogspot.com
E-mail: Park_bench@comcast.net
Church name: Central Presbyterian Church of Tarentum
Church address: 305 Allegheny Street, Tarentum, PA 15084
Church website: http://www.cpc-tarentum.org
Affiliation:Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Powell, Matt

  Website name: Wheat and Chaff
  URL: http://wheatchaff.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: mattpowell74@gmail.com
  Church name: Providence Reformed Church
  Address: Limon, CO
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: Reformed Church in the United States

Pritchard, Ray

  Website name: Keep Believing; Ray Pritchard
  URL: http://www.keepbelieving.com/               http://www.crosswalk.com/news/weblogs/pritchard/
  E-mail: raypritchard@calvarymemorial.com
  Church name: Calvary Memorial Church
  Address: 931 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL 60301
  Church website: http://www.calvarymemorial.com/
  Affiliation: Independent

Proctor, Matt

Website name: Proctor, Matt
URL: www.mattproctor.blogspot.com
Church: First Evangelical Free Church
Church address: 1407 Kate Shelley Drive Boone, IA 50036
Church website: www.efcboone.com      
Affiliation: Evangelical Free Church of America



Rios, Elizabeth

  Website name: Latina Liz
  URL: http://www.latinaliz.typepad.com
  E-mail: pastorliz@woundedhealerfellowship.com
  Church name: Wounded Healer Fellowship
  Address: Pembroke Pines, FL 30025
  Church website: www.woundedhealerfellowship.com
  Affiliation: Assemblies of God

Ryan, Donald

Website name: Random Thoughts
URL: http://donryan.blogspot.com/
E-mail: dryan10@columbus.rr.com
Church: Apostolic Christian Church
Church address: 1639 Old Delaware Road, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050
Church website: www.mvacc.org (in development)
Affiliation: United Pentecostal Church International


Salinas, Fr. Jorge

Website name: mar adentro
URL: http://losmartes.blogspot.com
E-mail: js@theologoumena.com
Church name: Roman Catholic Church
Church address: Serrano 125, Madrid
Affiliation: Roman Catholic

Sanders, Roberts

Website name: Sanders' Compass
URL: http://xanga.com/RNSanders
E-mail: BobSueSand@aol.com
Church: First Baptist Church of Cumberland
Church address: 116 S. Muessing Street, Indianapolis, IN 46236
Church website: www.cumberlandfbc.org
Affiliation: American Baptist

Satterlee, Dean

Website name: The Satterlee Evening Post
URL: http://satterleeep.blogspot.com/
E-mail: deansatterlee@ciudad.com.ar
Church name: The Salvation Army  (Ejército de Salvación)
Church address: Hipolito Yrigoyen 4750, 1824 Lanus Oeste, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Affiliation: The Salvation Army

Scott, Jerry

  Website name: Daily Inspiration (not exactly a blog, but close enough)
  URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TFTDWAG/
  E-mail: jerald.scott@verizon.net
  Church name: Washington Assembly of God
  Address: 33 Brass Castle Road, Washington, NJ   07882
  Church website: http://www.washingtonag.net/
  Affiliation: Assemblies of God

Sensing, Donald

  Website name: One Hand Clapping
  URL: http://www.donaldsensing.com/
  E-mail: gunner20@comcast.net
  Church name: Trinity United Methodist
  Address: Franklin, Tennessee
  Affiliation: United Methodist Church

Shaw, Jeremy

Website name: Jeremy Shaw
URL: http://www.jeremyshaw.org/blog/jeremyshaw/
Em-mail:  jeremy.shaw@ntlworld.com
Church: Beacon Lough Baptist Church
Church address: 99 Southend Road, Gateshead, NE9 6XS UK
Church website:   www.blbc.org.uk
Affiliation: Baptist.

Shuman, Thom

Website name: Occasional Sightings of the Gospel
URL: http://occasionalsightings.blogspot.com
E-mail: tmshuman@fuse.net
Church: Greenhills Community Church, Presbyterian
Church address: 21 Cromwell Road, Cincinnati, OH 45218
Church website: http://www.ghccp.org
Affiliation: Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Sisk, Tim

Website name: Tim Sisk
URL: http://timsisk.blogspot.com/
E-mail: sisk.tim@gmail.com
Church name: Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Church Address: 820 Evergreen Street, Starkville, MS 39759
Church website: http://www.gbgm-umc.org/thegate/
Affiliation: United Methodist

Smith, Rhett

Website name: rhettsmith.com
URL: www.rhettsmith.com
E-mail: rhett@belairpres.org
Church name: Bel Air Presbyterian Church
Address: 16221 Mulholland Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90049
Church website: www.belairpres.org
Affiliation: Presbyterian Church USA

Smith, Russell

Website name: The Eagle and Child
URL: www.russellsmusings.blogspot.com
Email: covfirstpastor@yahoo.com
Church: Covenant-First Presbyterian
Address: 717 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Church web: www.covfirstchurch.org
Affiliation: Presbyterian (USA)

Snyder, Dean

Website name: Untied Methodist
URL: http://www.untiedmethodist.com/
E-mail: dsnyder@foundryumc.org
Church: Foundry United Methodist
Church address: 1500 16th St. NW Washington Dc 20036
Church website: www.foundryumc.org
Affiliation: United Methodist

Stanley, Milton  

  Website name: Transforming Sermons
  URL: http://transformingsermons.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: milton_stanley@hotmail.com
  Church name: New York Avenue Church of Christ
  Address: P. O. Box 6074, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6074
  Church website: http://www.korrnet.org/nyacofc
  Affiliation: Church of Christ

Stanley, W. Mark

Website name: Partners enVision
URL: http://partnersenvision.blogspot.com/
E-mail: wmark_stanley@yahoo.ca
Location: Canada
Affiliation: Salvation Army

Steep, Perry L.

  Website name: Theophilus Punk
  URL: http://theophiluspunk.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: plstepp@kcu.edu
  Church name: May Hill Church of Christ
  Address: 8733 S.R. 770, Peebles, 45660
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: Christian Church / Church of Christ

Steiger, Phil

  Website name: Every Thought Captive
  URL: http://steigerblog.blogspot.com/
  Church name: Quail Lake Community Church
  Church website: www.QuailLakeCC.org
  Affiliation: Assembly of God.

Stevens, J.B.

Website name : Cosmic Jiu Jitsu... Ethereal Grappling
for the Spiritually Inclined
URL: http://www.xanga.com/cosmicjiujitsu
E-mail: jb@originscommunity.com
Church: Origins Community
Church address: 3901 Pinon Dr. Boulder, CO 80303
Church website: www.originscommunity.com
Affiliation: Assemblies of God

Street, Jim

  Website name: Jim Street
  URL: http://jimstreet.typepad.com/
  E-mail: jlstreet@mindspring.com
  Church name: North River Community Church
  Address: 1665 Lakes Parkway, Suite 102, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043
  Church website: www.northriverchurch.com
  Affiliation: Independent Community Church

Streger, Bill

  Website name: Bill Streger
  URL: http://www.kaleobill.com/
  E-mail: bill@kaleohouston.com
  Church name: Kaleo Church
  Address: 2100 W. Loop South, Suite 900, Houston, TX  77027
  Church website: http://www.kaleohouston.com/
  Affiliation: Independent Church


Thom, Scott

  Website name: CrossBlog
  URL: http://www.crossfellowship.org/html/blog.htm
  E-mail: scottthom@msn.com
  Church name: Cross Christian Fellowship
  Address: 7321 San Antonio Dr. NE Albuquerque, NM 87109
  Church website: http://www.crossfellowship.org/
  Affiliation: Nondenominational

Timm, Terry

  Website name: Terry's Thoughts
  URL: http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=terrytimm
  E-mail: terry@cccsh.org
  Church name: Christ Community Church of the South Hills
  Address: 3Pittsburgh, PA
  Church website: http://cccsh.org/
  Affiliation: Non-denominational (Willowcreek Assn.)

Trainer, Jon

  Website name: Personal Trainer
  URL: http://getnewhope.blogs.com/personal_trainer/
  E-mail: carpediem365@msn.com
  Church name: New Hope Bible Church
  Address: 3915 Reynoldsburg-New Albany Rd., New Albany, OH 43054
  Church website: http://getnewhope.com
  Affiliation: Non-denominational Bible church

Treichler, Steve

  Website name: The Thirsty Pastor
  URL: http://stevetreichler.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: steve@hopecc.com
  Church name: Hope Community Church
  Address: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: Baptist General Conference



Van Der Hulst, Mark

  Website name: Mentor Mark Memoirs
  URL: http://mentormarkmemoirs.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: mavdh@mentorbaptist.org
  Church name: Mentor Baptist Church
  Address: 7510 Johnnycake Ridge Road, Mentor OH
  Church website: http://www.mentorbaptist.org/
  Affiliation: Baptist General Conference

VanderKwaak, Mike

Website name : mike @ heartland blog
URL: http://www.heartlandfellowship.com/aboutmikesblog.html
E-mail: mikevkshema@yahoo.com
Church: Heartland Fellowship
Church address: Chilliwack, BC Canada
Church website: http://www.heartlandfellowship.com
Affiliation: Christian Reformed Church

Vincent, Rich

Website name: TheoCenTriC
URL: http://www.theocentric.com
E-mail: pastor-newlife2112@mailblocks.com
Church name: NewLife Christian Fellowship
Church address: 2400 Main Street, Glastonbury, CT 06033
Church website: www.NewLife-Glastonbury.org
Affiliation: Independent


Wayne, David

  Website name: Jollyblogger
  URL: http://jollyblogger.typepad.com
  E-mail: dwayne@gbepc.org
  Church name: Glen Burnie Evangelical Presbyterian Church
  Address: 7928 Darien Dr. Glen Burnie, MD 21061
  Church website: www.gbepc.org
  Affiliation: Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

Weir, Todd

Website name: Blooming Cactus
URL: bloomingcactus.myblogsite.com
Church name: Hillcrest House
Church address: Poughkeepsie, New York
Affiliation: United Church of Christ

Whidden, Paula

  Website name: California Families
  URL: http://californiafamilies.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: whidden2@sbcglobal.net
  Church name: (none at moment)
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: American Baptist

Whitehead, Jason

Website name: Theospora
URL: http://theospora.blogspot.com
E-mail: niebuhrian@hotmail.com
Church name: Southminster Presbyterian Church
Church address: 7500 Hull Street Road, Richmond, VA 23235
Church website: www.southpreschurch.org
Affiliation: PC(USA

Williams, Craig

  Website name: Tabletalk
  URL: http://tabletalk.typepad.com/
  E-mail: craig@trabucopres.com
  Church name: Trabuco Presbyterian Church
  Address: Trabuco Canyon, California
  Affiliation: Presbyterian Church USA

Wilson, David A.

  Website name: A Glimpse of New Hope
  URL: http://www.newhopevalp.org/blogger.html
  E-mail: pastor@newhopevalp.org
  Church name: New Hope Baptist
  Address: Valparaiso, FL USA
  Affiliation: Southern Baptist

Wood, George P.

  Website name: GeorgePWood.com
  URL: http://georgepwood.com/
  E-mail: emailme@georgepwood.com
  Church name: SeaCoast Grace Church
  Address: 5100 Cerritos Avenue, Cypress, CA 90630
  Church website: http://www.seacoastgrace.org/
  Affiliation: Nondenominational

Woodard, Greg

  Website name: GregWoodard.com
  URL: http://gregwoodard.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: greg.woodard@comcast.net
  Church name: (in between churches)
  Church website:  

Woodward, J.R.

Website name:Dream awakener
URL: http://jrwoodward.blogspot.com/
Church name: Kairos los angeles
Address: 4903 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029
Church website: http://kairos.la

Wright, Steve

  Website name: Porch Pondering
  URL: http://porchpondering.typepad.com/
  E-mail: stevewright33@yahoo.com
  Church name: Village Presbyterian Church
  Address: Ladera Ranch, California
  Affiliation: Presbyterian Church USA

Wynkoop, Steve  

  Website name: Out in the Sticks
  URL: http://hawkenstein.blogspot.com/
  E-mail: koops@mailblocks.com
  Church name: First Christian Church/First Presbyterian Church (yoked congregations)
  Address: 534 Grant St, Wray, CO 80758
  Church website:  
  Affiliation: Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); Presbyterian Church USA