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Rock climbing photos

Rock Climbing Adventure

by Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts

Copyright © 2009 by Mark D. Roberts

Note: You may download this resource at no cost, for personal use or for use in a Christian ministry, as long as you are not publishing it for sale. All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due. For all other uses, please contact me at Thank you.

A few years ago, my friend Eric took my kids and me rock climbing. I had never done any serious rock climbing before. Given my fear of heights, I was rather nervous about the whole thing. But Eric was extraordinarily careful and safe. I was able to trust his belaying skills enough, not only to climb up a fairly steep cliff, but also to let my children do it. They bested me by far, climbing a steep cliff that I simply couldn't ascend.

Here are a few picture of our rock climbing adventure:

As you can see, I'm safely connected by a harness to the belay. The rope is connected
to my friend, Eric. He isn't pulling me up, but he's there to make sure I don't fall.

Here is Nathan, scaling a cliff that I couldn't manage. You can see how vertical it is,
without much to hang onto. In the background you see the San Fernando Valley
of Southern California. It was about 100 degrees that day, by the way.

My daugher is about two-thirds the way up the steepest wall. She is an
amazing rock climber: fearless, but not crazy. She can climb just about anything.